Printed Circuit Board Coatings (PWB Coatings)

HYSOL® Electrical/Electronic Formulated Liquid Products: PC Coatings

 System Description Military Version Pot Life Cure Film Thickness
HYSOL® PC12-007

A 100% solids epoxy, printed circuit coating for dip or brush application. It may be thinned with toluene for spray application.

PC12-007M 190 minutes 2 hrs. @ 75°C
4 hrs. @65°C
5 - 7 mils

A clear one-component urethane printed circuit coating for brush, dip or spray application. This tough abrasion resistant coating provides excellent environmental protection.

MSDS Resin | MSDS Hardener | TDS
PC18M N/A 2 hrs. @ 60°C
5-7 days @ RT
1 - 2 mils

A one-component acrylic printed circuit coating with excellent clarity up to 110°C. May be repaired with soldering iron or coating and can be removed with suitable solvent.

MSDS Resin | MSDS Hardener | TDS
PC20M N/A 45 min. @ 75°C
24 hrs. @ RT
1 - 2 mils

NOTE: Before using these products, consult individual product bulletins and Material Safety Data Sheet for safety and handling information.

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